About Get IT Write International

Tia and Eyal Azulay are co-directors of Get IT Write International LimitedGet IT Write International Ltd’s services include web vision coaching, website and content creation, writing and editing, business software development, and project management. Based in the UK, with easy access to international airports, we support clients in several countries, in person, or via Skype, email and phone.

Our Experience

Get IT Write has provided writing and coding solutions since 1997, and formed a UK Ltd company in 2011. We combine strengths in writing, sales, management, and the full software life cycle of business analysis, specification, database design, developing, testing, and technical support. We now specialise in WordPress, supplemented by other tools.

Websites and Blogs

Our expertise in web development began with sites for first-time authors which Tia hand-coded in HTML and CSS, and for which she wrote all the content. These were later enhanced with PHP and Javascript.

On discovering the amazingly powerful WordPress platform in 2006, we have never looked back.

Get IT Write creates websites and blogs for authors and small businesses, and more complex sites for charities and bigger businesses, all on WordPress.

Tia helps clients to clarify their vision via coaching and business analysis, and writes specifications.

We then find the best themes to serve clients’ needs, and use our coding skills to enhance basic design and functions. Eyal can add animation for interest, and we can help with sourcing and preparing images.

Working closely with the client, Tia also writes and edits content for web pages and blog posts. For examples of sites we have worked on, see our Portfolio page.

Business Applications

Eyal has over 30 years’ experience in developing software, including three very large systems.

As Technical Director of Rental Technologies Ltd, Israel, he was sole developer of RentPro car rental management software for Budget Holland, Hertz, Elite, etc.

Later, he was Magic Software Enterprises’ “Chief Magician” in Turkey, the Senior Developer Consultant guiding the dev team for the huge Koc Allianz Insurance.

In London, UK, he was a Senior Team Leader for IBMS (Integrated Broadcast Management System), for over 40 clients, including BSkyB, TVNZ, Sky NZ, Southern Cross, BBC World, Sky Italia, CTV, CBS, Fox, Disney, etc.

Tia was offered the Communications Manager role at Rental Technologies due to work on RentPro, and later became Head of QA and Documentation at Pilat Media.

Most recently, Get IT Write set up and customised a commercial real estate CRM using Salesforce and PropertyBase.

Our Expertise


Tia Azulay

Tia holds a BA (Wits) and a BA Honours (Rhodes) in English, and an MA in Creative Writing & New Media (DMU). She has an ISEB Software Testing certificate and is a Member of the Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators UK. She has experience in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Salesforce Admin, and in online and offline writing and editing.

“I understand business stakeholders’ priorities. In real estate and direct sales, and in communications and IT, I’ve created and led successful teams. I enjoy sharing a vision, analysing requirements, designing processes and systems, and delivering products that serve.”

Eyal Azulay

Eyal is a Member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional, with skills in BASIC, Assembler, Pascal, FORTRAN, eDeveloper/Magic (certified), Java™(certified), C# .NET, Winforms, Visual Basic, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Apache, Flash ActionScript3 and Salesforce Admin.

“I love creating new functionality. I have developed several integrated, customisable, business applications for large clients in different countries, as well as games and websites. I enjoy learning new technologies. I like to deliver elegant, robust, well-tested code.”

Our Approach

To help you clarify and implement your vision, Get IT Write takes a holistic view of content, functions and appearance. WHAT you want to say or achieve are as important as HOW. We take time to understand your business. We pay attention to clear communication and user-friendliness in your user interfaces, emphasizing accurate terminology and good grammar as well as useful functionality.

For websites, we choose the best theme and plug-ins for your needs. Then we create a child theme that we can customise to give your site a truly unique look and feel, incorporating your preferred colours, fonts and images. If your content is in bullet-point form, we flesh it out. If it is fully written, we edit it to work on the web.

Of course, once your ideas take visible form, changes may occur to you. For business software and for websites, we can try ideas in a Test environment before moving them to Live. You will have secure access to online project management tools which track discussions and progress, and where you can record your needs and ideas, ask questions, and report issues needing attention.

We tailor our service to your needs — we can maintain after launch, or coach you to take on some tasks and so reduce your costs.

Our Partners

When appropriate, we work with selected highly qualified partners who provide extra expertise in writing, design, web development, business application and database programming, video production and social media, to deliver comprehensive solutions.

WordPress Experts: Web Design, Themes, Plugins, SEO, Customisation

Using the world’s most popular CMS, we build sites that brilliantly showcase your business and can grow with your vision.
UK & International Support in Person or via Skype, Email or Phone

Based in the UK, with easy access to international airports, we support and coach clients in several countries.
WordPress Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Accounts, SSL Certificates, and renewals.

We can set these up for you or coach you to do it yourself. You will always be the named WHOIS registrant.
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in our
E-Commerce: Membership Sites, Shops, Courses, Events, Bookings, Email Marketing

WordPress integrations like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, EventsMadeEasy and MailChimp make it easy for customers to interact with your site.
Business Systems, Database Programs, CRM Setup & Admin, Salesforce

We currently have space for new software development or CRM (Salesforce and Propertybase) customisation projects, to begin in Q2 2017.