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Graphic in greys of a city skyline, with smaller buildings in darker greys closer to the viewer and taller buildings in lighter greys behind the darker ones.. Purple question marks are superimposed over six of the buildings.Looking for new premises? Now is certainly  the time for careful planning and budgeting. To save time, wouldn’t it be great to start each enquiry with a crystal-clear description of your needs? If you could say with absolute certainty, “These are my property requirements…” , list exactly the location you want, any special features, as well as the sqm you’ll need in the short-term, medium-term and long-term, and your budget… then let your agent find your property while you get back to the business that, now more than ever, needs your daily attention?

Introducing My Property Requirements/Ma recherche immobilière

RealCorp’s new My Property Requirements  online tool, available in English and French, enables you to do just that! Using this tool, you can speed up your interaction with our agents and be confident that they understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Torso of female agent at desk pointing at map on computer screen with notebook on desk in front of her.How agents help you find property

When looking online for new premises, most people start with Property Searches on agency websites. That’s a logical first step to gain a broad idea of what’s on offer in the areas that interest you. And it may even turn up some listings that appear to meet your criteria. But if you’ve ever done this before, you know that’s only the beginning of the story!

Your next step is to contact the agency behind the listing. They’ll listen to your criteria and help you understand whether the listing you saw is a good match. Their local knowledge will also enable them to offer you alternatives. Then, they’ll help you narrow the options to a shortlist, arrange viewings of the shortlisted properties, and guide you to a decision. Finally, they’ll help you negotiate a contract that serves your needs now and in the foreseeable future.

But everyone’s real estate needs are different

The process is simple to state. In reality, it requires much time, skill, and market knowledge, because everyone’s needs are different. It’s not only the physical description of the property — the location and the amount and types of space — but also the contract terms, including cost per square metre, service charges and dates.

Even if you’ve searched for a property before, your needs now differ from the last time you did it. And if your company is a start-up, or you’re finding new premises for the first time, or you don’t know Luxembourg, it might be hard to articulate exactly what you need.

mand and woman in conversation seated on a concrete bench in front of tall glass-fronted commercial buildings.Sometimes you don’t even know what to ask…

And what about planning for the future? You may know how many workstations you need today, but what about next year, or in five years’ time?

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, and you certainly don’t have all the answers, so establishing a match is not as simple as it sounds, even for an experienced agent.

If only you could empower yourself with enough knowledge to walk confidently into that first conversation!

My Property Requirements is the answer

Good news! Now you can. We’ve poured our experience with thousands of property searches into a new tool that puts the first part of the search firmly within your control. You can speedily calculate what sqm you think you’ll need in the short-term, mid-term and long-term, note any special requirements, and also calculate a realistic budget.

My Property Requirements enables you to tell us exactly what you need.  It offers you two options:

  • Quick Research: Five questions for a rapid selection and an idea of the market.
  • Advanced Research: A detailed questionnaire to obtain fine-tuned results.

Why not try it now? Did we mention that it’s also available in French as Ma recherche immobilière?

And feel free to comment on this post to tell us how it was for you! We want to help you and we’ll definitely consider your feedback.