Fantastique hair tricks

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Interesting weekend. Ended up at a very jolly party with two magicians, one of whom seemed quite depressed. The depressed one was also a hypnotist and it turned out an amateur ventriloquist. After a few drinks he disappeared suddenly and […]

Ahh the life of a film producer…

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It turns out that I have a cousin who is a forth year medical student at Nottingham university. She is a member of the StopAids society and they invite me to screen my HIV/AIDS documentary ‘On the Frontline’ at the […]

Dirty Winshield

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Dirty Windshield (In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.) The screen is cracked,Two bullet holes andThe blackened spidery cracksLike septicaemiaCreepTowards the veins and brain The shield is almost down, captains.Nothing can stop theEleven Million Mile High walls of nightRushing […]

Short and bit bitter

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There is something more tragic then the situation in Gaza, more nerve shattering then the gathering storm clouds of recession, more deeply, creepy then Peter Hain’s puppy dog eyes…the fact that the Scouts now have a badge …for PR. Yes, […]

Ghosts and Shamans

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Its funny but no one can say the word ‘innovative’ when they are excited. Just something I noticed today. I do apologise for the rather long gap in posts. I was finishing up the short story for the national BBC […]


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It’s Monday and I have lost the will to live. I have had no response at all from the last lot of job applications. Not even one of those ‘thank you SO very much for your application BUT ’ letters. […]

No paparrazzi please!

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Last Monday night I staggered off the train in the dark and began the weary trudge home. It was rubbish collection day and my cane got tangled up in the first of the many hundreds of large black bins that […]

Opps They Did It Again.

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How is it possible that today’s national TV headline, over and above the meltdown in Kenya or the stabbing of two teenagers in Kent, was Britney Spear’s …again?? How does her self-destruction matter on the global scale eh? What is […]


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It was a good party thanks to the lovely S and her feats with a saucepan and yes, at midnight in kilt and accompanied by a surfer dude on an Irish drum, my buddy the piper led a surreal, random […]