Wordless Wednesday.

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Bit late but with feeling!This is for all who i may have saddened a little with my last blog, especially the martini ladies (you know who you are). This photo was taken in Mombassa, Kenya and i feel strongly we […]

No news ..and yet all the news

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Bit weary and still waiting I saw the bloody child’s handprint on the crumbling walls of the Chinese school this week. Don’t think I didn’t hear the general in Rangoon laughing his billionaire head off. The woman running to the […]

Cambridge? Pooh!

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I don’t mean to be rude but Cambridge smells of poo. Really and tru-ooly. Obviously I checked my ‘personal space’ and then the flat but when I went outside the poo smell got worse. At the CAB offices I consult […]

Oh Superman!

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Boris, Burma and a volcano in Chile. Hmmm…it has been mentioned that Boris has something that does look surprisingly like three small sixes tattooed on his bottom and a tendency to catch fire near churches. Could it really be just […]

Nappy martinis extra dry

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There was a faint pong of dirty nappies and gin in the airport lounge where I waited for my flight back from New York. I would have moved but my hangover was too great and the slightest movement makes me […]