Acting the Goat part two

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This is a picture of the actual me with the actual goat of the last post. Note the glint in her eye…note the collar…(I didn’t realise my sister had taken a snap of me being groomed by the goat earlier […]

Acting the Goat in Greece

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I apologise for the silence.  These last two weeks I have been researching the impact of tourism on the Greek economy – well, mainly my impact on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. Turns out that the major impact is on […]

Vision Slip

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A few years ago…well maybe more than a few…I was on a train at some daft time in the morning on my way to San Francisco.  I hadn’t slept much the night before anxious about the trip and was a […]

No Spoilers

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Tomorrow the BBC will disclose the identity of the new Doctor Who.  For many us in the real world this will be more life changing than royal babies, Zimbabwean election fraud, bedroom tax and even racist buses chugging around London […]

Mixed Emotions

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It is hot. Very bloody hot. Not that I am complaining but Grace has a black fur coat and is finding it all a little much. She is floppy and there is much panting.  Here she is with her homies…hot dogs. […]